Smart Planning

Comprehensive Business Planning & Analysis

Implement a SMART PLAN. Our process/systems teams respond to the growing need within all industries for comprehensive business planning and analysis. Our SMART PLAN matches today’s high-performance computing environments to high-performance business processes within an organization. The key to overall success in a business is to integrate your business plan and technology plan into one seamless activity within your organization.

SMART PLAN applies systems engineering techniques and process improvement methodologies developed and applied in the industry over many years. We bring the essential elements of “high-end” management consulting traditionally applied to large Fortune 500 companies, to smaller and mid-sized companies at a price that you can afford.


Situation Assessment – INS takes a complete overview of your entire organization and identifies general areas of operational improvement including processes, computer systems and staff.

Management Process Baseline Assessment – We will work with your key personnel to visually map your present business processes to create a process baseline. Bottlenecks, illogical/ineffective activities and improvement opportunities are rapidly identified and captured.

Accelerated Process Re-engineering – INS and your staff team will develop a “Preferred Process Design” which will enable your enterprise to capture improvement opportunities previously identified, as well as to eliminate wasteful, redundant and low/no-value activities.

Rapid Systems Improvement Plan – We will assist your staff with aligning your high-performance process design with appropriate computing hardware and software that will drive and empower the necessary changes.

Total Implementation Strategy – INS will assist your staff with developing a comprehensive and realistic implementation plan for driving necessary change. This plan will consider and balance the impacts on all key business resources, including staff, capital, and facilities.