Network Security

Protect Your Network & Data from Malicious Attacks

​Your network is the heart of your IT and business operations. A single breach can be disastrous costing you time, money and customers. That’s why both small and global businesses turn to Innovative for the protection they can trust and rely on.

​INS is committed to providing you with a full-range of advanced IT security solutions that range from firewall and endpoint security to intrusion detection and vulnerability management. By partnering with our experienced team of certified professionals, your IT Department is better able to ensure the continuous surveillance and protection of your company networks and applications. Plus the privacy of sensitive corporate and customer data mandated by a host of industry compliance regulations.

Security Assessment

Our comprehensive technology assessment identifies all areas of vulnerability across your networks. Working closely with your internal staff, our team experts begins by cataloging your computing and networking devices including servers and workstations. Once this is accomplished, we work to uncover vulnerabilities, as well as those areas of your network that are currently compromised and require remediation.

Vulnerability Management

Our security team patches all identified vulnerabilities, then crafts a customized wall of defense to help prevent any breaches. Solutions range from firewalls and encryption to intrusion prevention, detection and UTM services.

Network Monitoring & Management

INS is able to provide you with “around-the-clock” remote monitoring of company networks as mandated by numerous security compliance regulations. This continuous process spans incident identification through fault management and resolution.