Cloud Migration

Lower Your IT Costs by as Much as 50%

​Cloud computing shifts your company’s IT expenditure to a pay-as-you-go model (Capex to Opex). By doing so, it can significantly lower your IT costs – in many cases by as much as 50%. Cloud environments are scalable, reliable, and highly available. With Innovative, you can choose from either a Private or Hybrid environment while leveraging the expertise and experience of our staff. The benefits are many and include:

  • Less Infrastructure Complexity
  • Eliminates Expensive Hardware Costs
  • Enables Faster Deployment
  • Enhances Network Security
  • Automatically Backs Up Data
  • Ensures Fast Disaster Recovery
  • Provides Built-in Status Monitoring
  • Scales on Demand
  • Helps Maintain Regulatory Compliance
  • Enables Greater Flexibility & Collaboration
  • Improves Cost Management
  • Enables You to Better Focus Resources