IT Compliance

Maintain Compliance with Industry Standards & Regulations

​IT compliance is no longer an afterthought.  The rise of ransomware and other malicious attacks have made you vulnerable to hackers and cybercriminals intent on compromising your company and customer data.  To protect against these attacks virtually every organization is now subject to regulatory standards imposed by either the government or their industry.  Failure to comply can results in loss of reputation as well as monetary fines.

Innovative is committed to helping you ensure that your technology environment is not only protected but also compliant with the rules and processes established to safeguard your company and data.  Our services include everything from auditing active directory, firewalls, network diagrams, and backups to performing test restores and intrusion detection.

  • Perform comprehensive technology assessments
  • Identify and protect all areas of vulnerability
  • Develop documented policies and procedures
  • Train/Orient IT Staff
  • Perform mock audits